SkeptiCamp 2022

See the SkeptiCamp 2022 schedule!

Find us in the Park Suite on the fourth floor of the Mercure, Manchester, and if you can’t make it, we’ll be livestreaming the event at from 11am UK time.

SkeptiCamp 2022 with SitPO

The traditional pre-QED SkeptiCamp is returning this year with brand new hosts: The Skeptics in the Pub Online team! We will be eschewing our home offices and venturing out into the open for our first face-to-face event, with YOU as the star speakers!

What is SkeptiCamp?

SkeptiCamp is a free conference that celebrates the incredible work and enthusiasm of the grassroots skeptics and activists who attend, and it’s those very attendees who are responsible for the creation and delivery of the day’s content. SkeptiCamp is about providing an open and accessible platform for as many members of the Skeptic community as possible to share their ideas, collaborate, and discuss the topics they’re passionate about. For those not speaking at the event, you still get to have your say with time set aside for audience questions after each presentation.

When & Where

SkeptiCamp will take place on Friday, October 28th at the Mercure Piccadilly Hotel in Manchester. We will begin late morning [to be confirmed, but probably 1100], so there’s plenty of time to travel to the event. We’ll take a break in the middle of the day for lunch, and then continue through to the late afternoon, giving you just enough time to change into your dancing shoes before the Friday evening festivities.

Who will be speaking?

See the SkeptiCamp 2022 schedule!

Tickets & Pricing

Thanks to the generous support of the QED organisers, SkeptiCamp will be free for everyone to attend, regardless of whether you’re planning to attend QED. There’s no need to book a ticket – you’re free to wander in and out of the event throughout the day.

All of us at the Skeptics in the Pub Online team look forward to seeing you at SkeptiCamp October!