Newcastle Skeptics

We are re-launching Newcastle Skeptics!

Yes, you read that right, Newcastle Skeptics is making a dramatic comeback! However, we need your help. On Thursday 6th June we are having our second social event.

Join us from 7.30 pm on Thursday 6th June in the Library at the Town Wall, near Newcastle Central Station, to meet some new humans and to shape the future of skepticism in the North East.

  • What events do you want a local Skeptics in the Pub group to host?
  • What fields of knowledge do you want to learn more about?
  • Would you like to collaborate with fellow skeptics in debunking local peddlers of misinformation?
  • Shall we screen and discuss some particularly woo-soaked films?
  • Ever wanted to set up a skeptical gaming tournament?
  • Or to just be part of a pub-based skeptical community? “I just want you to put a drink in my hand and hear my life story” is a valid answer.

All friendly humans are welcome. The main entrance to the Town Wall is wheelchair-accessible by use of a mobile ramp; let us know in advance (or call the venue) if you need wheelchair access.