Bedford Skeptics

We’re a group of free-thinking people in Bedford who like to get together in a casual atmosphere and talk about interesting things.

Each month, we find a speaker – typically a scientist or prominent skeptic who will speak for around 40 minutes.  The subjects of the talks vary, but they will typically be about a common belief that either cannot be justified by the available evidence, or that can actually be demonstrated to be false by the available evidence – or else something that is just plain interesting or contentious.

Examples of subjects we have already covered are: Electric cars, Hypnotism, Fracking, The Alpha Course, Prostitution, Policing, Spin in Lobbying, Futurology, Academy Schools, Income Inequality and a whole lot more to come.

The talk is followed by a chance to question the speaker yourself, or just relax and listen to what people have to say.

Meetings are usually on the third Thursday of the month. Arrive at 7:00pm for a 7:30 start. Why not come along and join in? 

Please note that after our April 2024 meeting, we are moving to a bi-monthly timetable. For full details, scroll down to the ‘Events’ section.

Non-skeptics are not only welcome, they’re actively encouraged!

Location: The North End Social Club, 60 Roff Avenue, Bedford, MK41 7TW

Ring the bell and wait to be admitted – our private room is immediately on the left.

Note: Disabled access is from the rear, car park side, under the fire escape.

Bedford Skeptics meetings are organised by Bedfordshire Humanists


Please note, Bedford Skeptics events are now Bi-Monthly.

(Jan. / Mar. / May / Jul. / Sept. / Nov.)

Thursday 18th July 2024

Historic Building Mythbusting

James Wright

In his third visit to Bedford Skeptics, James Wright will dive into commonly believed and repeated stories about historic buildings.

James will explore folklore, history, art, architecture, archaeology, sociology, and psychology to delve into the myths surrounding many mysterious features in mediaeval buildings. We can learn so much of value about a society through what it builds. By explaining the development of myths and the underlying truths behind them, a broader and deeper understanding of historic buildings can bring us that little bit closer to their former occupants. Sometimes the realities hiding behind the stories are even more interesting, romantic, and exciting than the myth itself…

James Wright of Triskele Heritage will release Historic Building Mythbusting – Uncovering Folklore, History and Archaeology via The History Press on 6 June 2024.

No August Event

Our Usual Summer Break

Thursday 19th September 2024

Corporate Psychopaths

Dr. Clive Boddy

Dr Clive Boddy has been researching the effects of having psychopaths in the workplace since 2005. His ground-breaking work on corporate psychopaths was initially subject to ridicule and rejection, but the idea of the corporate psychopath is now firmly established and accepted.

Clive will discuss who corporate psychopaths are, why they are obsessed with getting career advancement, what they do to their colleagues and organisations and what the effects of this are and, what the effects are that they ultimately have on society and why they should be controlled.

Clive is currently the Deputy Head of the School of Management at Anglia Ruskin University and was previously Professor of Management at the University of Tasmania, and before that Professor of Leadership in London.

He has also held Visiting Professorships at Lincoln and
Middlesex Universities. Clive’s research interests include qualitative research techniques, toxic leadership and particularly in researching the effects of corporate psychopaths on employees, the organisation
and society.

Clive’s publications on corporate psychopaths include over 50 papers, several chapters, two doctorates and two books: ‘Corporate Psychopaths: Organizational Destroyers’ and, most recently, ‘A Climate Of Fear: Stone Cold Psychopaths at Work’. He has thus published more on corporate psychopaths than any other academic globally.

Thursday 17th October 2024

No event this month.

Thursday 21st November 2024

Phone Calls From The Dead?

Dr. Callum Cooper

This evening shall take you on an exploration of alleged Phone Calls from the Dead. Often, they have been associated with ‘After-Death Communication’ experiences, where reports occur of deceased individuals allegedly making contact. However, unusual reports of telephone calls from living individuals and perceived ‘extra-terrestrials’ have been documented too. Cal will be presenting examples of such cases, the history, controversies, theories and more… ring, ring!

Dr Cal Cooper is an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Northampton. He lectures on parapsychology, positive psychology, thanatology, sexual behaviour and social psychology. He is the author and editor of five books to date, including ‘Telephone Calls from the Dead’ and ‘Psi in Psychotherapy’ and over 100 papers and articles. He is the recipient of such awards as the Eileen J. Garrett Scholarship (2009, Parapsychology Foundation), a runner up of the Ockham’s Razor Award (The Skeptic/QEDcon, 2018), and the D. Scott Rogo Award for Media (2021, Parapsychology Foundation).

Thursday 19th December 2024

No event this month.