Failure & Redemption: How Science Saves Science – Dr Megan Crawford

June 9, 2022 @ 19:00 (check your local time)

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In the pursuit of knowledge, efforts in science have brought about some of the most disastrous, shocking, and even hilarious results. But how do we know!? Because… SCIENCE!
Megan Crawford, PhD, will take on the role as Resident Scientist Shocker and present how it’s possible that the very system responsible for humanity’s biggest failures, shockingest shockers, and cheekiest surprises, is oddly still the best system for exposing these very conundrums.

Megan Crawford is a Lecturer in Data Science and Director of the Futures & Analytics Research (FAR) Hub at Edinburgh Napier University. She earned her PhD at Strathclyde University, a MSc in Behavioural and Economic Sciences from Warwick University, and BAs in Cognitive Psychology and Philosophy from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.

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