Do we need a new witchcraft? – Stevyn Colgan

November 23, 2023 @ 19:00 (check your local time)

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Lockdown was a tough time for many. For freelancers like Stevyn Colgan it meant loss of work and an uncertain future. And so, with the world on hold, he decided to rethink the way he lived. Over the next two years he fixed his physical and mental health and became the happiest, fittest and healthiest he’d been in decades. But the way he did it was by looking back, not forward. He discovered that many of the ‘old ways’ found within folk tradition, witchcraft and druidism actually had strong foundations in science. There’s no woo woo in this talk – Colgan’s contention is that the best way for society to move forward is to learn from the past. Isn’t that the basis of all good science?

Stevyn Colgan is an artist, speaker, folkie, forager, educator, committee member of the Eccentric Club of Great Britain (est 1781) and the author of ten books. He’s been a chef, a police officer, a comics publisher, a brewer, a Hollywood movie monster maker and is currently a lecturer in criminal and forensic psychology, behavioural science and creative thinking at several UK universities. He was also, for a decade, one of the primary writers of the BBC TV show QI and was on the writing team that won the Rose D’Or for Radio 4’s The Museum of Curiosity. He’s delivered talks for TED, performed at the Edinburgh Fringe and spoken at hundreds of events and festivals all over the world. He’s also appeared on numerous radio shows and podcasts including No Such Thing as a Fish, Josie Long’s Shortcuts, Freakonomics and many more. Originally from Cornwall, he now lives on the Chiltern Hills with a seamstress, a needy pug and a sourdough starter called Bubbles